Answering Questions About Customized Moon Lamp

Looks like everyone that buys our Customized Moon Lamp loves our Personalized Moon Lamp! And we’re super proud of that fact because a lot of time, effort and hard work has gone into making this lamp as amazing as it can possibly be. But inevitably people have questions before purchasing, so today we’re going to tackle some of common question!


Here we go:


Q: is it possible to print custom text with different font on the lamp?

Lunar Lamps: yes, supported, client can tell us the font style or PDF/doc. file.


Q: Can I have a personal message engraved...and if so how?

Lunar Lamps: yes, just uploading your message or leave us a note.


Q: Can I Custom photo on this moon lamp?

Lunar Lamps: yes, client can uploading your photo in order.


Q: Can I customize both photo and text on the lamp? Or just one of it?

Lunar Lamps: yeah, support both photo and text on the moon.


Q: Can you put an animal or doe it just have to be a person(s)?

Lunar Lamps: animal and person both are supported to engraved on moon.


Q: Do I have to design the photo before uploading it?

Lunar Lamps: no necessary, we can help you to design, but if client can design, then, better.


Q: How do I know how big is the moon lamp and which one i should get?

Lunar Lamps: 1-2 persons can choose {4.7-inch, 5.9-inch, 7.1-inch, 7.9-inch, 9.4-inch} diameter; 2-3 person can select {5.9-inch, 7.1-inch, 7.9-inch, 9.4-inch} diameter; 4-5 person can pick {7.1-inch, 7.9-inch, 9.4-inch} diameter, > 5 persons select {7.9-inch & 9.4-inch} diameter. Bigger size moon, customized effection better.


Q: how do I change the picture?

Lunar Lamps: yes, please contact by e-mail within 4 - 6 hours.


Q: can you fit an image of more than 20 people on one of the larger ones?

Lunar Lamps: yes, supported, just people portrait will be little small.


Q: Can i add the special text like signature on the lamp?

Lunar Lamps: yes, supported, client can share us the signature by PDF or JPG file.


Q: Hi, how long does it take this item to ship and be delivered?

Lunar Lamps: customized moon lamp production time 3-5days, free postal shipping 12-21 business working days depends on your country & courier schedule.

Personalized moon lamp with photo text


Q: what's the text color?? 

Lunar Lamps: it depends on the style, if in concave surface, text color looks white, if Convex surface, text color like grey.


Q: How do I choose the pretty script-like font shown in example pics?

Lunar Lamps: please just tell us the font name or show us example pics.


Q: Do you remove background in picture ?

Lunar Lamps: yeah, we can help you to remove the background, but please leave us a note, otherwise, default design file is picture with background.


Q: Does the image cover most of one side of the globe?

Lunar Lamps: Sorry for can't, as it's globe, if cover all one side, the picture will be distorted.


Q: How many words can be put on the Moon Lamp?

Lunar Lamps: it depends on the moon diameter, like 3.5-inch, 3.9-inch one can put 14 words around on the moon; 4.7-inch, 5.9-inch one can engraved 20 words around; 7.1-inch, 7.9-inch moon can etched 24 words around,  biggest 9.4-inch moon can put 28 words on the moon.

Personalized moon lamp with text


Q: Can I have the name of my daughter on it?

Lunar Lamps: yes, client can customized the text contents as well.


Q: Can you add an image to both sides of the moon?

Lunar Lamps: yes, it supported, but if two image, we more commend pictures side by side.


Q: Is the photo accurate to the product?

Lunar Lamps: yes, almost, which can see it as example pics.


Q: Does it can have my own style of "I love you to the Moon and back"

Lunar Lamps: yes, please share your design to us.


Q: Could you do photo editing at your end for removing background and placing text at your end and show preview before it is finally printed.

Lunar Lamps: yes, we can. we can help client editing photo removing background and place text, and share design file preview before production, but please leave us a note for your requirements.


If you have any further questions about our amazing Custom Moon Lamp, please don’t hesitate to contact us Our highly trained and super helpful team members will help you out in any way that they can!


And if you want to buy then just click on over to our online store and get your own Personalized Moon Lamp today! Happy shopping, and we hope that you too will be as happy with your lamp as every one of our other customers!