Home decor with moon lamp

In this modern world, home decoration is considered very important. It is because people like to show off and have opted for more luxurious lives.

After a long and tiresome day, we always want to take a glimpse at the moon for a sense of relief and internal peace. now, you can bring the moon into your bedroom. enjoy the shining beauty of the moon at your own home.


Moon lamp for home decor

It is the layout decor that turns your area into a magical world. It is the lamp that lightens up your favorite reading corner. We assure all the details of our product to be perfect. The beautifully designed moon lamp hopes to bring more delight, sense of relief and content into your life. Now you can indulge yourself into the moonlight. Let Luna illuminate your space, and your mind too.

This lamp is made by an innovative 3D printing technology that makes it a duplicate of the real moon.

Lit from inside, it radiates a gentle-yellow glow, and the floor is engulfed in a beautiful light and dark patchy pattern, much like that is created by the maria (old volcanic fabric) at the real lunar surface.


Unique features:

3D printing moon lamp for home decorBrilliant design, rechargeable battery and USB charging; It surely brings you mystery and romance, this night light is just what you need for an out of this world lighting experience.

Best night light - change colors, you could switch freedom through the contact button at the bottom, cozy glow to any room. Excellent gift - this lamp adopting non-toxic, odorless, environmentally pleasant PLDM material, it's far an excellent gift to women, boys, children, the one that you love.


It creates warmth and a unique beauty to a room. It makes you feel better and makes everything in your room more interesting.