Moon Lamp Customer Questions & Answers Collections

Would you have any questions of 3D Moon Lamp before ordering? Here are list some customer's questions and answers for information.


Here we go;

Q: Does it look like A Real Moon?

Lunar Lamps: our 3D Moon Lamp 100% according to NASA lunar texture to real restore the true display of the full moon, the Clearest Surface or Crust appearance and even you can see the rough patches on it just like the Moon.


Q: Does the hand in picture comes with moon light?

Lunar Lamps: It comes with small size (3.5-inch one), above 3.9-inch moon lamps packing with Wooden base. Select the size can see it in the image, usually what's in the image is what you're getting.


Q: Would this light be bright enough to set on a desk to write a letter in a dark room?

Lunar Lamps: It support dim or up bright, and get decently bright but I wouldn’t really recommend using it over a traditional lamp for reading or writing. Makes an awesome nightlight or lamp for ambiance is well!


Q: Can this lamp be shattered if dropped onto the floor by a curious child?

Lunar Lamps: Normally, nope. It’s not glass, adopt safty polymer material. we had do drop testing(height< 0.8M), it bounced a couple times before caught it, it still working just fine,  so it can withstand some minor accident. But as it have inside electronic parts to make it light up, so can't playing with it like a toy ball.

3D Original Moon Lamp


Q: Is the charger 110 only? How about the power supply?

Lunar Lamps: Power supply is DC 5V/1A, packing comes with a USB 2.5mm charging cord. It can be charged on your home power supply or on a car charger like a cell phone.


Q: Can i buy a replacement charging cord? I seem to have lost mine.

Lunar Lamps: Yes, if fit our USB cable specification, We can free give you one, just e-mail us to tell your shipping address information and pay the shipping cost.


Q: Would it make a good gift for a child?

Lunar Lamps: Very much so, they are curious of it. and excited to playing with it.


Q: Does it light when charging?

Lunar Lamps: yes, it can light while it is charging.


Q: Would it be possible to hang it from the ceiling?

Lunar Lamps: No, it's a desk lamp only.


Q: It looks brilliant; I’d like to give my baby as a gift, but how about the quality?

Lunar Lamps: First, it comes with seamless construction, don't worry about be stab wounds. Second, it adopting Eco-friend PLA Material, Odorless and nontoxic and safty. Third, it assembled with certified battery and long-life LED module, and support adjust the brightness warm yellow and cool white led light, never hurts the eye.


Q: Can this moon lamp be set to automatically turn off after a period of time (say, 30 minutes)?

Lunar Lamps: No, you would have to turn it off yourself by a small tap.


Q: Is the 3.5" version too small?

Lunar Lamps: Yes, 3.5-inch is a small lamp, but it also very cute. small size 3.5" - 4.7" moon more suit for young kids. But the bigger size moon with much better visual effect.


Q: Does it can change multiple colors or only one?

Lunar Lamps: it have warm white and yellow color can switch, and while you are charging it, the moon turns blue!


Q: Can you carry it around as a ball of light?

Lunar Lamps: Yes! As it built-in Li-battery, so after full-charged, you can carry it out as a ball.


Q: How can i know it fully charged?

Lunar Lamps: The charging blue light will be turned on automatically when the charging starts, the blue light will be turned off automatically when the charging is completed.


Q: Does it only work in full moon mode? Or can it change to different phases?

Lunar Lamps: yes, only full moon phases.


Q: Does it show the location of moon base alpha?

Lunar Lamps: No.


Q: Once the lamp has been fully charged, how long will the lamp stay lit?

Lunar Lamps: usually 3-5 hours, depends on the intensity you have it set at. if you want lighting whole night, can keep it plugged.


Q: Will girl like it?

Lunar Lamps: very much, can try to asking your several female friends for a Questionnaire survey. ^_^


Q: is it possible to print custom text on the lamp?

Lunar Lamps: yes, you can! it can be engraved on the front side or rear side, and with different type of fonts.

customized moon lamp with photo


Q: Can I Custom photo on this?

Lunar Lamps: yes, you can! it can be engraved on the front side or rear side.


Q: Can I customize both photo and text on the lamp?Or just one of it?

Lunar Lamps: For sure you can customize both! Picture will be engraved on the front side and text can be below picture or on the rear side.


Q: Can you put an animal or doe it just have to be a person(s)?

Lunar Lamps: Customized Moon Lamp can support all, animal, person, logo, patterns, text, emoji etc.



Q: Realized that my lamp the warm yellow/ cool white color is no longer working

Lunar Lamps: Please check if it's too dim can't see the light? try to adjust the brightness fix it; Short press is Turn ON/OFF/Switch light color; Long press can adjust the brightness.

Short press Turn ON - long press to adjust the brightness - short press to switch led light color - long press to adjust the brightness - short press Turn OFF


Q: How do you change the light bulb when it burns out?

Lunar Lamps: light bulb with good quality, it can light 5-10K hours, hardly burns out, even so, client can exchange it when open the bottom base,  but wouldn't suggestion and need do it careful.


Q: Can i replace the battery?

Lunar Lamps: yes,client can exchange it when open the bottom base,  but wouldn't suggestion and need do it careful.


Q: If I were to place it next to pillows on a bed, will it overheat?

Lunar Lamps: No it doesn’t get hot !


Q: Hi, how long does it take this item to ship and be delivered?

Lunar Lamps: Original Moon Lamp can be ship 1-2days, Customized Moon Lamp production time 3-5days depends on size. then, Free postal shipping takes 12-21 business working days depends on the destination & courier schedule.


If you have any further questions about Moon Lamp that you want to ask, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Lunar Lamps Our team members will help you out in any way that they can!