The Top 10 gifts that STAR CONTROL GIRLS WANT!

For Boys, giving gifts to their girlfriends is a real headache, they feel very confused and disoriented every time? There are lots of gifts for girls, you can't go wrong if you do what Her like! But for a who love starry-sky girl, must be sent her a super ROMANTIC STAR ELEMENT GIFT!


Star, in the eyes of some people is a romantic garden, where record of good memories and wishes;

Stars, in the eyes of some people is unfathomable distance, where there is the unknown world and the mysteries of Science;

Star, in the eyes of some people is the accompany of Friends, where sealed a countless mind.

Then take a look at these gifts, choose one for your girl and say: "What I want to give you, it is an entire universe of stars."


1. Sweet Starry Planet Lollipop

Unique handmade Lollipop, with beautiful Planet Designs Galaxy Lollipops in the sweet candy.

Sweet Starry Planet Lollipop

✅ Lollipop Design: Beautiful 3D Planet design.
✅ Delectable flavors: Melon, Blackberry, Guava, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Watermelon.
✅ Awesome Planet Shapes: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
✅ Individually wrapped: Sweets Space Foil Package.
✅ Front is crystal clear and the back is black


2. 3D Moon Lamp
Are The boys and girls in love still repeating their vows about the moon? "What ever you want anything, I can give you, even if it is the moon in the sky! " Promised touched her, also himself... But now, it is entirely possible to give your lover a moon. Gift giving to the loved one, do not go out, let each other enjoy the quiet night sky ...

Original Moon Lamp

✅ Original Moon Lamp 100%, it really depicts the true display of the full moon by seamless construction. The Clearest Surface or Crust appearance and even you can see the rough patches on it just like a Real Moon.
✅ Adopting Eco-Friendly Material, Odorless and nontoxic, Safe and reliable to use.
✅ Built-in Chargable Li-battery (USB to mini 5V/1A), safty and easy to carry and move.
✅Support Yellow/White two warm color switch, and adjst the brightness ( that never hurts the eye).


The Coolest is this lamp can also be customized.
Custom Photo Moon Lamp support etched a love wordings, picture, and Emoji in the Moon surface.

Make it even more special for everyone you care about.

customized photo moon lamp


3. Van Gogh Starry Sky Umbrella

Open this umbrella, you can see the whole sky, should be unconsciously looking forward to the rainy day.

Van Gogh Starry Sky Umbrella


4. Eight Planets Crystal Ball

There's a mysterious fairy tale in my memory about a mysterious mother in law who's holding a magic crystal ball.

Have you ever wondered what's inside a Crystal Ball A glimpse of the beauty of space and the beauty of the balance between the planets, do not have to fly to the outer space, all eight planets together in a crystal ball, completely in the hands of the planets, gift to science control ~

Eight Planets Crystal Ball


5. Galaxy Wristwatch

Put the Galactic Universe into a tiny wristwatch, suddenly as if the arm has more power.

This star watch is a great gift for your partner, so let them know you're giving them the universe.

Galaxy Wristwatch


6. Astronaut Phone Stand

 This astronaut mobile phone stand are super creative, each one to see the image will emerge the astronauts flight in the space in the mind, gift it to the girlfriend is very innovative! Hand-carved and painted process from the production, three-dimensional sense and a strong sense of simulation, also can be furnishings on the desktop , interesting and practical!

Astronaut Phone Stand


7. Pluto Bracelet

Anyone who loves the stars has a favorite planet. Made of bronze and acrylic resin, the bracelet is fresh and dreamy. Give her her own asteroid.

Pluto Bracelet


8. Van Gogh Star Wars Lover Mugs

It is a kind of art, is placed there the time mark, the distant memory in the time fine carving, the large capacity couple Cup, should not with you indulges in this moment romantic. 

Van Gogh Star Wars Lover Mugs


9. Moon iPhone Case

Amazing Moon Star iPhone case, ultra-thin silicone case. In the dark night sky there is a shining moon, as if to attract the continuous to go forward, to explore.

Moon iPhone Case


10. Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris

 It is a blue glass perfume bottle that symbolises the midnight sky in Paris, and its shape recalls the starry night. The mysterious leather front tone, coupled with the perceptual transparent flower fragrance, is enough to let the person be infatuated with under the Paris starry sky.

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris


Tonight you pick the stars for me, tomorrow night I will give you the universe of stars, for you, no matter what the stars mean, only hope, when you looking at the stars, the heart is not far away. At any time of the stars, seemingly out of reach, but actually within reach.