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Enchanting 3D Printed Moon Lamp


We believe that everyone has a dream to pick off the moon. We are here makes your dream becomes Touchable.

Fyting moon lamp is created by Fyting studio a group of young 3D technology enthusiasts in their spare time, we according to NASA lunar texture to precise modeling, using 3D Printing technology to photo-realistic restore Moon landscape.

The Moon made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack, restore the real appearance of the moon. Adopt eco-friendly materials - PLA material extracted from corn stalks, hard and smooth, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly can be degraded. The entire production is based on NASA data, so the simulation is very high and very fine, highlighting the real details of the moon crater, crater, ridge and so on.
It also using qualified UN38.3 certified rechargeable batteries makes the product convenient & safe in using.


3D Moon lamp production line

Now ready for Quality “Original Moon Lamp”, "Customizes Moon Lamp" and "Levitating Moon Lamp" Retail and Wholesale etc. drop shipping service for all lovers.  Contact service@lunarlamps.com for more cooperation details.


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