Where to buy moon lamp

3D Moon Lamp - A magical product.


Made by innovative 3D printing technology, according to NASA lunar texture layer by layer stack photo-realistic restore the real appearance of the moon. Very high and very fine simulation moon crater, ridge and so on.

Just want to give you "A Real Moon."


sweet gifts - moon lamp package


Nowadays, too many bad & low quality product to confused people to see and hear on the market, so how & where to buy the correct moon lamp is a problem. before to buy one, you may need to know what are important factors in selecting a good & quality original moon lamp, which can meet your expectation.


Here list some of suggestions:

  • If it’s use Eco-friendly material?
  • Built-in  battery meet safety standards
  • if have a clear Texture? makes it looks like The real Moon
  • The whole appearance of the lamp without burr and printing line. (special for the charge port connection area)

 if you want to view more details, pls check post below (video review inside)



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