Levitating Moon Lamp

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Every people have dreamed of touching the moon. we all promised to bring the moon to someone we loved. Now the moon has finally fallen to our palm.

This 3D Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp is a gift from the sky. Thanks to the latest 3D printing technology, the luna lamp is now truly portable. After hundreds of years for the people who chase the mystery of the moon, now it is not only in the sky but anywhere you want.


Levitating moon lamp



  • 3D TECHNOLOGY - This lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack, restore the real appearance of the moon.
  • BRILLIANT DESIGN - Wireless Charging Technology
  • PERFECT NIGHT LIGHT - Color Temperature of Moon Lamp White 6000K
  • GOOD GIFT - High Transmittance Material, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly material (Food Safe), it is a perfect gift for girls boys kids, your loved one or girlfriend.
  • Color: warm yellow, warm white and cold white
  • Magnetic Force > 3N
  • Levitation Height : 8-12mm
  • Power of Moon Lamp:1W
  • Suggested Working Temperature : 0 ~ 40°C
  • Suggested Working Humidity: 10%~90%RH
  • Lamp average Shell Thickness: 3mm
  • Voltage: 100~240V to 15/12V, Power of The Adapter: 6W
  • Moon Weight: 360g, base Weight: 600g
  • Base Finish: Futuristic glossy space station


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Beware of cheap knock offs selling fragile designs with non-compliant rechargeable batteries (very dangerous for your home!)

⚠️ Our floating moon lamp are the only ones on the market with a uni-body (single mold) design and is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified so you can rest assured that it’s tested, approved, and 100% safe!



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        Magical Levitating 3D Luna moon Lamp

        The wireless charging Levitating Moon Lamp is not only an amazing, funny, beautiful and romantic gift to you, your kids, your wife/husband, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your family and your friends, but also a great lamp for your house, balcony, courtyard, dinner table, hotel and restaurant, especially in the night, look just like a real moon.

        Levitating moon lamps

         Instantly add a little bit of magic to any room with this incredibly realistic moon night light that levitates in the air! Amaze your family and friends with a unique gift that's truly out of this world.


        Levitating moon lamp


        Can the floating moon lamp change the light color?

        it support warm yellow, warm white and cold white 3 color to switch, lighting up your room comfortable. Change a light color to change a Mood!

        Levitating moon lamp support 3 color to switch


        How to Levitate or Set up the levitating moon lamp?

        When the moon is just at a point where the magnetic repulsion and the moon's own gravity balance, the moon can float above the base. To find this balance, you need to be patient enough to try and practice. To ensure the user experience, it is very funny and challenging with your hands, let's do it as below 4 steps.

        step 1), place the base of the magnetic levitating moon on a stable, horizontal plane;

        step 2), plug in the power, hold the moon with both hands, the moon is placed vertically in the hand, the bottom of the moon is aligned with the center of the base, and place vertically downwards. When you feel a force to suspend the moon, slowly release your hands, then the moon will completely overcome gravity and float in midair.

        step 3), if when it is felt that the force of the edge of the base pulls the moon in different directions, the suspension fails. at this time, do not release the moon from the hand, correct the direction of the moon again and place it vertically, and the bottom is vertically aligned with the center of the suspension base and resuspended.

        step 4), when the moon is successfully suspended, you can control the moonlight color by gently touching the power mark above the base.

        how to place the Levitating moon lamp


        A floating temperature built-in temperature control instrument, when the base temperature reaches 55 degrees or more, the temperature controller will automatically cut off the internal power supply of the base to ensure of the safety of the base. In such a case, unplug the power and wait for 10-20 minutes for the bae to cool before attempting to suspend again.



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