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Leaf Carving's inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. it's a relatively new art and already exceeds all expectations in popularity.

All our leaves are carved from an actual peace-tree leaf which is put through a 60-step special process, the leaf blade forms a natural permanent pigment, so the color is stable, and corrosion-resistant. And An anti-aging treatment helps the leaves exceed the durability of thick paper, to ensure everlasting quality and durability.

The size of these leaves varies since no two leaves are exactly the same. The finished product is strong, durable, natural and beautiful. Leaf art makes an excellent gift or collection.

custom leaf carving for couple


Benefits of Leaf carving with photo

Each leaf is unique, with no two leaves exactly the same. The leaves vary in size, color and shape. The leaf you receive may be slightly different than the one in the photos.

Creative leaf carving photo frame decoration, unique and beautiful. Come and customize a Ye Diao photo for yourself or your loved one, and let her know that your mind is irreplaceable.

Exclusive gift-this custom leaf carving photo frame is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother, best friend and other people who are important to you. Surprise someone who is special to you.

personalized leaf carving



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