13 Thoughtful & Suitable gifts for Elders/Parents! [Fun & Practical]

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Every time when you go home, the elders/parents at home will always prepare your favorite dishes, full of the feeling of home. when you leave home, your suitcase will always be stuffed with love from elders.

So you may want to prepare a small surprise for them, send a warm and caring, thoughtful gift, so that they can feel your love and care for them too.

Our elders' happiness is our happiness, here are some ideas that can enhance the happiness of our elders' lives.

1. Magical Moon Lamp

The moon beauty and elegance, hang out of windows, looking at it, we can inspire of Be calm. Reflect beauty despite being imperfect in appearance, it shine in the darkness, it's a friend for the lonesome to talk to.

if gift a Moon Lamp to elder, not only can be a night light, but also a warm friend & a love accompany to them.

Magical Moon Lamp

The elderly have multiple needs and conditions that sometimes keep them awake. in night eyes are feeble and can't withstand intense light. so moon lamp dimming function is a good choice.

Special for Personalized Photo Moon Lamp, which you can etched a family photo & deep-heart words on it, every time when seeing this warm scene, full feel of love & dispelling their loneliness once.

Personalized Photo Moon Lamp


2. Multifunctional Massage Pillow

With the increase in age, many elders have a lumbar disc protrusion, a long time to sit causes back pain, so buying a massage lumbar pillow is an idea!

Multifunctional Massage Pillow

Multifunctional lumbar massage pillow is not only small in size, but easy to move, and the massage effect is not worse than a massage chair, can support the back and waist, waist on both sides of the muscle, let the muscle relax, and not tired to sit for a long time!

Different from the conventional one-way rotation, some massage lumbar pillow has a positive and negative rotation design, more like a human hand to fully squeeze and knead the stiff muscles pushed away, the strength of their own back to adjust the degree of comfort simply, using it do not want to stop.

Multifunctional Massager Pillow

and multi-use, a massage pillow, can solve the waist, back, shoulders, abdomen, and other parts of Message.

3. Automatic Foot Bath Massager

For elders, health and sleep are particularly important things, with a foot spa tub can comfortably relieve fatigue to promote sleep and enjoy the happiness brought by foot soaking!

Automatic Foot Bath Massager

Set up a number of suspended large roller operation massages, which can simulate a real person massage, acupressure massage, and enjoy a more comfortable foot massage.

While heat surrounds the entire basin, legs are placed in a hot spring, gradually extending from the bottom of the foot, like soaking your feet in a hot spring, relaxing from foot to heart.

Automatic Foot Bath Massagers

Enjoy a relaxed & comfortable foot spa bath massage.

4. Latex Pillows

The comfort of the pillow largely determines the quality of sleep, not enough to fit comfortably, or the height of discomfort. Often make people toss and turn, it is difficult to sleep, so choose a comfortable pillow is very important!

 Latex pillows

Thai latex pillow texture is very soft, there are nearly 500 massage particles on it, which can simulate the shiatsu massage to soothe the shoulder and neck muscles. very friendly to the cervical spine, Can better deep sleep and release stress, to have a very comfortable sleep.

5. Smart Elderly Bracelet

The main focus of the middle-aged and elderly market health smart bracelet, to parents, grandparents and people with cardiovascular disease is a very suitable choice.

Smart elderly bracelet

The functions are very rich and thoughtful. Blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, sedentary reminders and other functions are complete. ECG monitoring can detect six health indicators such as irregular heart rate, tachycardia, bradycardia, arrest, and missed beats. Timely detection, timely medical care, timely treatment. Each one is a life-saving function.

Smart elderly bracelet wrist

Blood pressure heart rate blood oxygen monitoring, suitable for parents to buy.

6. Family Photo Album

The memory of the picture is the bond of home, make a book full of memories of the family photo album is a happy once again, open the photo book, you can see their childhood photos and parents and family photos, the past vividly, there will be a sense of affection across time and space ~

Family Photo Album

Time is constantly passing, once the young face will eventually change, those photos that frame the happy moments should be well preserved, rather than let them lie in a folder, hidden in the corner of memory.

Therefore, those beautiful memories of photos into a beautiful family photo book is undoubtedly a good choice, just like the usual books, photos are the illustrations, a beautiful photo according to the design layout in a reasonable position, as a magazine book, full of design, good-looking and interesting.

7. Window Bird Feeders

For bird lovers, the bird feeder allows you to experience the joy of bird watching right from your own window. We should choose acrylic product is long-lasting and features drainage holes, suction cups and hooks.

Window bird feeders

This easy-to-use, simple, small device that blends into the environment is a great choice for the average retired senior, seniors in need of care, and seniors with memory impairments.

Simply install it, add bird feeder, and you'll attract a multitude of birds to flock to your window for up-close bird watching fun.

8. Magnifying Glass

Many elderly people's eyes are not very good and need the help of presbyopic glasses to see some relatively small words.

But there are some elderly people, and not used to bringing eyes, and metal handheld magnifying glass is very convenient to carry, to the family of the elderly will be a very thoughtful gift.

magnifying glass

But there are some elderly people, and not used to bringing eyes, and metal handheld magnifying glass is very convenient to carry, to the family of the elderly will be a very thoughtful gift.


9. Blood Pressure Meter

Now there are many elderly people will have high blood pressure and high blood pressure disease, usually do not pay attention to it is easy to have major problems.

so I recommend that you choose a gift, you can buy a blood pressure meter, so that at home can also control their own real-time osmosis, the practicality is very high.

Blood Pressure Meter


 To Conclude

Finding a suitable gift is an extremely difficult task, but if you find a practical gift then more meaningful, so that, not only be loved but not be idle.

I hope that this list will help you to have some meanful ideas.

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