What is the Most Memorable Gift for your Girlfriend's Birthday [7 surprise] ?

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The surprise gift full of love, can make the birthday ritual. Let the love in the years of daily trivial, into a long flow of touching.

But then. Some friends will feel that this is a brainstorming thing. A wide variety of picking up the eyes, do not know what is good to send?

So how can you send a gift that is memorable and makes her feel your Heart?

There is to give you some tips! The following variety of heartwarming gifts, can definitely help you, let's take a look!

1. Little Prince's Roses Sterling Silver Bookmark

The image of the little prince is unique in everyone's mind.

Little Prince's Roses Bookmark

If your girlfriend happens to like The Little Prince story, she'll be especially happy to receive this Little Prince rose bookmark!

Turning through the many chapters of life, the page where I meet you, it's worth leaving a special bookmark in our romantic love.

Little Prince's Roses Silver Bookmark

It's handmade of sterling silver, very weighty and texture. The choice of an elegant wooden gift box, holding in the hand full of literary sense, shows the intention in details.

2. Amazing Moon Lamp

Imagine the Moon in your arms, is not super warm?

Surprisingly, the value of this MOON lamp using 3D printing technology, highly realistic relief surface, realistic simulation of the moon, whether it is a gift or for your own use, is a great choice.

amazing moon lamp

Adopt dual-color touch control switching and stepless dimming, is full sense of technology.

Specially, it support Personalized printing your photo, and present your warm-hearting words. Customized your own photo moon lamp now~

Super small things to enhance the happiness of the home, hurry up to hang a round of moon in the home!

3. Fujifilm Instax mini LiPlay Soulmate gift box

Although cell phones are now more and more powerful, but the instant camera always gives people a retro feeling, but also can be directly out of the photo, leaving the favorite moments.

Fujifilm Instax mini LiPlay

This Fujifilm Instax mini LiPlay as a gift for girls is too suitable, you can record good memories, it's a gift with special meaning, I believe your beloved her will like very much.

The gift box is also designed with a sense of ceremony, with the theme of the soulmate, in addition to the instant camera, there is a crane dancing nine days camera bag, naming the soulmate peace charm, the remaining sound album and lapis lazuli photo paper.

Fujifilm Instax mini LiPlay Soulmate Instance camera

The photos taken are the unique light and shade and grainy texture of film photos, and I believe that such photos with the flavor of the times will leave you with a different heartwarming moment.

4. DW Simple Flow Gold Watch

This DW's watch is super elegant, weariing on the hand the face value is very high, will be attracted to by one glance, set off the person's beautiful.

DW watch

Simple style dial design, 28mm compact size, delicate and delicate, rose gold color fit for any skin's color .

DW Simple Flow Gold Watch

Even the metal material is also soft flowing gold strap, like the sea breeze blowing across the beach with layers of ripples, worn on the wrist fashion and atmosphere, the wrist of elegance to her.

5. Glowing Firefly Shimmering Flowing Fluorescent series necklace

Mr. Wooden Heart once said: Fireflies are breathing diamonds, shining psychedelically in the dark.

Glowing Firefly Shimmering Flowing Fluorescent series necklace

You are the gleam of light in my life, like a little light, gentle and romantic. Choose precious "night pearl" fluorite, 925 silver plated with 18k gold. Inspired by the fireflies of our childhood, using the precious "night pearl" fluorite to create a small and chic firefly necklace.

Glowing Firefly Shimmering Flowing Fluorescent necklace

At night there will be a slight fluorescence, like shattered stars scattered on the earth, making the whole necklace very unique.

The gift packaging design is also very chic, after opening it is like seeing a garden, exquisite and romantic.

6. LEGO DIY Assembled Bouquet Blocks

Send her a bouquet of flowers that never fade, nice and romantic.

LEGO Bouquet Blocks

Receive a bouquet of flowers from your lover on your birthday, it will really be heartwarming.

LEGO Assembled Bouquet Blocks

This bouquet includes different plants, you can DIY and adjust the height and shape of the flowers as you wish to experience different ways of flower arrangement.

Put it at home very beautifully, the absolute photo artifact.

7. Swarovski Sparkling Dance necklace

Inspired by the idea of a ‘dancing crystal’, this necklace showcases a round stone that floats inside a metal cage embellished with crystal pave.

Swarovski Sparkling necklace

The dancing crystal in the middle is like the feeling of a heartbeat, the elegant shape and the dancing glow are cleverly combined, and the whole person looks shiny.

Swarovski Sparkling Dance necklace

There are many colors of choice.

To Conclude

Finding a satisfy gift some times is extremely difficult task, but if you know her hobbies will be much easy.

While I feel that these Seven gift ideas are some of the best possible options, there are plenty of others.

I hope that this list is useful for you.

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