Personalized Moon Lamp Guidelines [Updating 2021]

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You may already know that have a photo on the moon lamp is very cool and warmly. And it brings your family happy, also a good commemoration. 

You may hope or expect that your Personalized Moon Lamp like this:


•  Clear, Outstanding and Amazing


Personalized Moon Lamp with picture - by



But may receive personalised moon lamp is like this:

•  Unclear, blurry and roughness


blurry & roughness customized luna moon lamp.


How can i avoid this?

And if i want an emoji on the luna moon lamp, how can I do?

Don’t worry, in this comprehensive guide I’ll cover:

•  How to choose photo

•  Which size suitable

•  How to select the pro-supplier

So if you want a moon lamp with photo and avoid trouble, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s start.



How to get it beyond your expectation?

If you want to get cool moon lamp with picture, you need to know moon factor formula:


Amazing Photo Moon = Excellent Photo + Suitable size + Qualified Supplier



Let’s look at the factor as below:  

No doubt that, photo is the most important: Excellent photo (or emojis, pattern) determine the result.   The question is that:

  • What is excellent photos for the moon?
  • What moon size should I choose for my photo?
  • How can i know the supplier is qualified to perfect achieve my expectation?

Let’s break each of these down.



What kinds of photos should I uploading?


  1#: The High Pixel and High-Contrast (Must Have)

I recommend high pixel and high-contrast as high as possible.


High-pixel images outline can very clearly present on the moon lamps. And the high-contrast can make you stand out from the background.

Here’s a perfect example:


Customized moon-lamp with picture High-Pixel from lunar lamps


You perfect photos should have the following features:

  • The personage in the picture should be clear, resolution 800+ 
  • Bright light
  • Background is Clear-cut
  • As you can see, except the photo is very clear and beautiful, the scenery around the picture also very harmonious, perfect!



      2#: Wide-Screen Photo

    So the widescreen picture is more fit to the 3D moon lamp, it can cover more surface.

    Therefore, the widescreen picture is better than the narrow screen.

    Here’s is a compared of wide-screen and narrow-screen luna lamp:


    customized moon lamp design file preview - by lunarlamps


    So the widescreen picture is more fit to the 3D moon lamp, it can cover more surface.

    Therefore, the widescreen picture is better than the narrow screen.

    Here’s is a compared of wide-screen and narrow-screen luna lamp:


    personalized moon lamp with picture wide screen better


    But it doesn’t have to be widescreen. If your like the narrow photo, go ahead and use it. But, I personally recommended you choose a bigger size moon light lamp.

    In fact, if you choose moon size more than 7.1 inches, then, wide-screen won’t so important,


    Because your moon is bigger and the photo will show bigger.



       3#: The Smile Face

    A smile looks beautiful, makes you more attractive, bring you happy, and let you more confident.


    Customized moon lamp with photo (smile face)

    When you flip through your photo album, see the magic lunar lamp with smile face, You will instantly recall the happy times you had happened and flowing out a happy smile.


       4#: The Big Face

    If you use a big face photo, All the front of the moon is your portrait, No matter big or small size moon.

    Let’s see some big face on the moon:


    Customized moon light lamp with picture (big face)


    if your photo is a full-body image, and want big face effect. Be sure to tell your supplier to crop picture if need a big-face effect moon, Otherwise, you may receive an almost full-body image etch in the moonlamp.


    Because in my experience, they will cut a suitable photo to the moon by default if you didn’t leave any requirement to them. Especially, when your moon is a small size.

    How to do it?

    Two ways to do:

  • Direct uploading a big-face photo instead of full image (crop by yourself)
  • Email them your need a big-face moon light lamp


      5#: Picture facing camera straight on

    Picture facing camera straight on is important that when the whole portrait is on the moon, as the moon diameter is small, so the printable area is limited.

    In this case, the face will be small, and it more easy to be interference by the hair, clothing, and even scenery (such as branches, flowers, etc.) too.

    Here are some photo moon lamps:


    customized photo moon lamp - fm lunarlamps


    In my opinion,facing straight than side-face than turn face back. no matter your moon is big or small. Especially that you moon size is below 7.1 inch.



      6#: with some Background

    Picture facing camera straight on is important that when the whole portrait is on the moon, as the moon diameter is small, so the printable area is limited.

    In this case, the face will be small, and it more easy to be interference by the hair, clothing, and even scenery (such as branches, flowers, etc.) too.

    Here are some photo moon lamps:


    Personalized moon lamp with photo and background


    If you choose a no-background photo with one person, it will look a little lonely, so I commend you use two or more than two people on the photo.


      7#: Use complete Hair Style or Portrait Images

    Similar to the Wide-screen, The complete head or portrait can softly blend into moon.  Looks more beautiful.

    Personalized photo moon lamp with full portrait


    In my opinion,facing straight than side-face than turn face back. no matter your moon is big or small. Especially that you moon size is below 7.1 inch.

    Congratulations, when you read here, you know that what is a good photo fit the moon. 

    But your photo no need to meet all of the 7 points, meet 3-4 points will be very well for the moon.

    Even, you can ignore all of them, and use the photo that you like or have a special meaning for yourself. 



    What kinds of picture should I avoid to upload?

    Through the discussion above, don’t need to say, you may already know that, what kinds of photo you should avoid uploading.

    So easy: 

    To the opposite of the good photo should be avoided.

    Let us briefly summarize.


       1#: Don’t use backlight photo

    As you know, the backlight photo is dark for the faces, so the photo on the lunar light will be dim too. 

    Here’s a backlight luna moon lamps:


    customized photo moon lamp (backlight)


    So if you want to see faces on moon, don’t uploading backlight photo.



       2#: Don’t use low pixel or blurred photo

    If you want a clear outline photo moon lamp, you need to avoid use low or blurred photos.

    Otherwise, the picture on the moon will be unclear.



       3#: Don’t Use Overexposed or Light Leak Photo

    First, Let me explain the material color of the moon.

    Because it’s 3D Printed Moon Lamp, the material is a biodegradable thermoplastic) color is white.

    Then, the demarcation will be causing confusion, when the overexposed or Light Leak meets with the white color.

    Here’s an example:


    Customized moon lamp with picture (Overexposed photo)


    So, you need to avoid used overexposed or light leak photo.



       4#: Don’t use Dark-light photo

    Dark-light is similar to backlight, it brings Mysteriously, but it will only see an outline.


    dark light photo


    If the photo is dark-light, and the moon effect will be dark too.



        5#: Background mix portrait

    This is simple and easy to understand, your photo portrait should be stand out from the background.

    Because, if the background mix to portrait(such as hair, clothes and so on), then, the final engraved picture effect their will mix together too.

    Here’s an example:


    customized moon lamp with photo (Background mix portrait)



     As you know, if the photo is too small, it will be blurry when zooms in to the moon.

    If don’t zoom in, It will only be a little on the moon.

    So, I suggest you that use the original pixel images, when you uploading the photo.



       7#: Old photos (the scan version is better)

    Similar to the 2#, the old unclear photos, the final finished product effect will be not so perfect.

    But sometimes for various reasons, we only have old pictures. And it’s very special for us, such as our lost relatives, lost pets …

    And at the same time, we missing them very much.

    I personally recommend you scan the photo, and uploading scan file.

    Because scan will keep your old photo clear as much as possible. Much better than you take a photo by phone.

    Until now, We already know what kind of picture we should upload.

    And you may want to write words on the moon, even add some emoji, and it will more expressive.

    Let’s continue…



    Why I need the words on the Moon?

    If you want to say a sweet or blessing words to him/her, you can put those words on the moon.

    As you have seen some of the pictures in front, the words plus photo are perfect. Of course, words or photo are not required. You could only use photo or words.

    Imagine if your lover opens the gift box, gently hold the moon light lamp on her hands, touch the switch button by the index finger. Then the moon is light on warmly, and she sees your both sweet smile and saying “I Love You To The Moon And Back”. She may very surprise and fell off some happy tears. This will be one of her happiest moments.


    Customized moon lamp with picture & words - fm lunar lamps


    Imagine when you kids received his Birthday gift/ Christmas gift – a Personalised moon lamp.

    How amazing, it’s a Moon, and he is the protagonist of the moon.

    Like a magical for him, and have the blessing which you write for him, it will be the best moon lamp gift for him.

    It‘s a special way to give them a blessing for their growth too.



    Can I put some emojis (two heart) with the words?

    Yes, it’s a good idea for emojis with words.

    Emojis will further make your moon more individual, creative and unique, that makes it stand out.

    Here is an example:


    custom moon lamp with emojis (two heart) - fm


    Here’s moon lamp video review:

    Creative emojis are very likely to let your friends scream for it.

    Here, every emojis is possible, the only limits is your imagination.



    How can i add emojis?

    This is very simple.

    There have 3 ways to add emojis

    1# Direct copy & paste
    Like this: “love you to the moon and back “

    2# You also write in brackets

    Here is an example:


    How to add words emojis to customzied moon lamp


    If you are worried about that they misunderstand, you can remind them in the note on order.

    3# Email them
    the e-mail is very convenient for you to write the detail requirement to confirm.



    How photo/words/emojis position?

    Generally speaking, photo/words/emojis can be put in anywhere of the moon.

    I personally think that the photo/words/emoji alway on the front, to remain the beautiful shadows appearance of the moon (moon crater, crater, ridge and so on).

    If your words or emoji is too many, put them to the back is wise.

    Any way, put them the post you like.

    Here is common position:


    Style Position on Moon
    Photo Photo on Front
    Photo + Words/Emoji Words /Emoji below the photo
    Photo + Words/Emoji(Many) Photo on Front, Words/Emoji on back
    Words/Emoji Words /Emoji on front


    To summarize: photo/words/emojis is priority in front, if word/emoji is crowded, put them back of the moon.



    How many words and emojis can i max?

    It depends on the luna size, the bigger size, the more words and emojis can be write.

    Generally these two cases:

  • If words are under photo
    I recommended within 8 words. And it will be very warm and beauty.
  • If words on the back of the moon
  • Here is 7.9 inch:


    Customized moon lamp for your daughter


    Then, if is 7.9-inch moon lamp, about 40 words and emojis is max. Otherwise, it will be crowded.



    May i use Pattern or Logo?

    Yes, similar to the photo, pattern and Logo are the same ways.


    customized moon lamp with Pattern or Logo


    In fact, the Pattern is very good to etched in the moon, and it will more clear texture than photos.

    So, if you want to use pattern, feel free to drive your imagination to design it.

    Till now, the most important factor, the photo/words/emojis/pattern (custom contents) is done, then, it’s the moon size.

    Let’s drive in.


    Which size I should take?

    Usually suitable for custom photo moon size are 4.7 inch, 5.9 inch, 7.1 inch, 7.9 inch and 9.4 inch.

    Here is the size:



    Generally, the larger the size, the clearer the texture, but at the same time, the more expensive the price.

    This sheet applies to people( pets etc.):


    Person  Size (inch) Referral Best Size
    1  4.7”, 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 5.9” 7.9”, 9.4”
    2-3  4.7”, 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 5.9”, 7.1” 7.9”, 9.4”
    > 3  5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9” 7.9”, 9.4”
    > 5  7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 9.4”
    > 10  7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 7.9”, 9.4” 9.4”
    > 15  7.9”, 9.4” 9.4” 9.4”


    If your moon include photo, emoji, and words, I recommend you choose size >= 5.9 inch.

    There is an example:

    If you use a 5 people picture, and choose 5.9-inch lamp, the final product will a bit fuzzy, the effect no good as 7.1 inches or bigger size.


    Personalized moon lamp with picture - fm lunar lamps


    Here is a sheet for reference:


    Contents Size(inch) Referral Best Size
    Photo 4.7”, 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 5.9”, 7.1” 7.9”, 9.4”
    Text 4.7”, 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 5.9”, 7.1” 7.9”, 9.4”
    Photo + Text 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 5.9”, 7.1”, 7.9 7.9”, 9.4”
    Text > 20 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 7.9”, 9.4” 9.4”
    Text > 40 7.1”, 7.9”, 9.4” 9.4” 9.4”
    Text = Word or Words + Emojis


    To summarize:

  • 5.9 inch is the common suitable size for the photo, words, and pattern, It’s the most cost-effective, the Moon in your Palm.
  • 7.1 inch is a high value for the photo, It’s very sensation to hold both hands up.
  • 9.4 inch is the best choice, And the effect is also the best, but the price is also expensive.


    Do I have to design the photo before uploading it?

    No, you don’t need to do anything design.


    Look this photo again, they have a designer team to design your photo to fit the moon size you chose.

    They crop photo to make sure than your character suitable for the moon most, and export it into a special format to produce.


    Personalized moon lamp with picture - fm lunar lamps


    But if you are designer or know PhotoShop technology, and you have time, then, you can design it by yourself.

    So that you can add anything that you want in the photo, especially if you want to add some emoji, pattern or words.

    Then, the final effection will be perfect, no mistake.



    How do I change the picture after ordered?

    I think it’s possible.

    The premise is that your moon is before 3D Printing.

    Generally, they may design/production your moon after 6-8 hours when received your order.

    First, send them a new picture by email ASAP.

    Then, contact them by SNS (facebook etc.), to confirm that they received your new photo.



    Why you need a good supplier?

    As you know, customized products are complex and easy to get problems.

    We already have got good photos, and select the suitable size, we can’t get failure by an unprofessional supplier.

    I think that an excellent professional is trouble-free. No matter from the moon printing technology, and communication or after-sales service.

    What you just need to do one thing, order and upload your Design.

    Then waiting for the cool moon home, and give your lover a bigger surprise.



    What a professional supplier looks like?

    In my opinion, most of the point we discussed in the post they should do it well.

    Let us summary:

    No.1 they should have ability to make clear texture moon

    If their printing technology is not good, the moon looks Rough and visible Printing line.

    Google search to get the professional one, otherwise, it is wasting time and money.


    No. 2 Available in a variety of sizes to choose(especially for Big size moon)

    In this way, you can choose the right size according to your like.

    In my option, 9.4-inch is the most perfect for photo on the moon, No matter it expensive or not.

    Because of the big size moon show more technical, and the printing time much longer (over 30+ hours) to produce, the effect best.


    No.3 Can add emoji

    If you want to add emoji, you can add freely, and emoji makes your moon stand out.


    No4. The position of photo or words is freely

    You can put the photo or words to the position as you like.


    No5. Can correct understand your requirement

    When we take our photos, we might not have thought about going to put them on the moon lamp. It might be have some awkward, need wipe off the picture flaw or background etc.

    And they can help to repair it according to our requirements, design it as you expected.


    No.6 Additional service

    If you have more words to say to your lover, and need to write a greeting card, and they can do it for you.

    Even if you write a wrong word (“spell error”) accidentally, and they may found and confirm with you if need to modify?it’s not a big issue, but can see them an attitude of working.

    Or willing to see the design file preview?




    In this guidelines, you have known that, if you want to get an expecting photo moon lamp, the most important 3 points:

    •  The quality of photo

    •  Suitable size

    •  Professional supplier

    Lunar Lamps is a nice & reliable company for the Original Moon Lamp & Personalized Moon Lamp. and we can met the requires as discussed above.

    Thanks for your reading, hope you get the lunar lamp with picture as you expected.

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