Q&A: How to open moon lamp?

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Last time we talked about "Why is my moon lamp not working?", Inside it is possible that the internal parts are broken and need to be replaced.

So this time, let's talk about how to open the moon lamp?

To open the moon lamp is actually not so difficult, just the operation needs to be careful, and a little more cautious.

How to split up the moon light lamp?

Although it's one piece printed, seamlessly connected, but the fact that it is a small base on the bottom, with a very strong glue glued up, which does not affect the overall appearance of the moon in the slightest. (e.g. below picture)

moon lamp bottom side

So, if we want to split up the moon light, you only can use a sharp knife, slowly cut and open, do it very careful, since moon lamp is a sphere, not so easy to hold, if you cut with a knife will be slippery hands, and cut your hand.

You see, I damage one. (fell off to the ground when half of the cut)

moon light lamp bottom side

What is the internal structure of the moon lamp?

After opening, we can see a small bottom base, the base placed all the internal parts of the moon lamp.

  • One piece of motherboard
  • One led bulb
  • One piece of chargeable battery

You can see the inside structure is like this.

moon lamp inside structure

How to assemble a good moon lamp?

Insert the bottom base to moon lamp Lampshade, use 520 glue glued, patiently waiting for the glue to dry, and all done.

 Personalized moon lamp with picture

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