Q&A: Why is my moon lamp not working?

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One day, when I opened my mailbox to check my emails as usual, I found an email that writes:


My 2 year old dropped my lunar lamp and it will not turn off or change its dimness of it.  Is this something that can be fixed if it is broken?


I think "yeah", indeed after so many years (we started selling to the public in 2016 till now), maybe there is a part of people who may encounter one or another problem with their lights, just doesn't have feedback, And about moon lamp's Troubleshooting Process rarely mentioned online. so in this article, I will elaborate on as much as possible.

Lunar ball issue not in your Q&A

In fact, the moon lamp doesn't work, it divided into 3 cases.

  • 1. Improper operation, the brightness is too dark
  • 2. The battery does not store electricity
  • 3. Moonlight completely dead, bulb or circuit board defective

1. The brightness is too dark, can not distinguish Turn-on/off?

This is caused by improper operation, the moon lamp is able to infinitely dimmable, adjusted to very dark and dark. to act as a night light at night. In this case, if you forget to adjust the brightness back, in the daytime or night on the state of the light, turn on the moon lamp, you may not distinguish lights on, then press the power switch again, and it's off again. It's the reason why the lights don't work.

How to turn moon lamp on?

There has a small switch button on the bottom side of the moon, it's the control button. About turning the moon lamp on, just need to press the button once, and switch the light's color in the same way. If infinitely dims, then, you should long-press the button to brightest or darkness, please take a look at the below video,

2. The battery does not store electricity anymore

Excluded the improper operation problem, not the light is too dark to distinguish, then let's see if the battery does not store power? In that case, even it charged for a long time, but the battery still has no power to supply the bulb, how to do it?

This time you should connect to the power supply to try it.

If via a USB cord connected to the power supply, there is an indicator light up(Faint blue or red light), it is probable that the bulb & board are working yet, just the battery does not store electricity. then keep the power connected and Turn on your moon light, to see if the light bulb can be lit in the case of power.

Then, it's not so bad yet, you still can use it in the case of power.

3. Finally, if the previous two steps, the moon lamp no respond yet, that is the internal parts defective, it's trouble.

First of all, the moon lamp is electronic product too, they are not resistant to fall, once a fall, in here we do not say the surface of the scar/rupture, which also easily lead to internal parts loose, short circuit, or even the motherboard burned.

Second, there is another characteristic of electronic products, t here everything have life age, once it run out of life, it will be dead.
One of the easiest to reach it's life time is the battery, followed by the light bulb, capacitors and resistors, or not sticky enough parts off.

Finally, there is one of the biggest commonalities of electronic products, that is "electronic products stop working if I don't use it for a long time". detail reason we don't clarify in here.

moon lamp internal part

After knowing the issue, if the purchase time is not long, you can try to contact the merchant you purchased for after-sales service. (Because the internal structure of the moonlight varies from business to business)

If the purchase time is some long, and determine is the internal parts of damage. To fix, you should open the light, replacement of the internal motherboard. About "how to open the moon lamp?" i will post an other artical to do detailed explanation.

Anyhow, we do not recommended to open their by your own repair, since to opening the moon lamp is not an easy thing, it is the bottom is closed with a very strong glue, open it by non-professionals, easy to be injured and cut the hand.

And with years, the outside of the lampshade also be more fragile, easy rupture. If took a lot of effort to open it, however, the lampshade broken, then, there is ultimately no meaning. Furthermore, to purchase an internal motherboard is not an easy thing, price not cheap, and almost no one to sell.

So, in this case, you might as well purchase a brand new moon lamp, not only the technology is updated, you can change the style, engraved pictures/quote, but also the overall life of the lamp is extended.

Personalized Photo Moon Lamp

To Conclude

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  • My moon light works but it won’t stay on for longer then 2 minutes and it’s really annoying do you know how I can fix it

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