I'd like to take the stars, the moon off and give it to you

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I'd like to take the stars off and give them to you, take the moon off and give it to you

"I love you."
"How much do you love me?"
"Even if you want the stars and the moon in the sky I can pick them off and give them to you."
The words of love are always particularly sweet, and love you, I want to give you the best things in the world, even the stars and the moon in the sky I want to take off to you ~ the real moon and stars can't be taken off, fortunately, there are still some replica gifts that can replace.

Come and see~.

1. Moon Lamp

It's a 3D moon light lamp! like Idol drama has a bridge is too unreal, but now really have this bright "moon", but also too romantic it. Turn on the switch, is a very small kawaii moon, light body design the moon, the same mold, super texture.
When you turn off the light, you can clearly see the surface of the uneven relief, feel superb, once the light is on instantly stunning, is a complete moon. The base of this moonlight is wooden, and when put together it looks very mild and sleek, very moody. The most convenient thing about it is that its touch-sensitive! Gently touch the metal button at the bottom, you can turn on the light, also can change the color of the light. After charging can open a long time, the battery capacity is also very satisfied with it. More importantly, it can also be used for concave styling, take pictures in the hand, immediately have a blockbuster feel, simply too like it!


I want to take the moon off and give it to you

High definition restores the surface of the moon, gift for the one who belongs to you only.

2.Star and Moon Necklace

The stars and the moon shrink down to make a star and moon necklace, hanging on the neck, stars, and the moon are given to you ~ necklace color is partial champagne gold, slightly with a little pink, style simple novelty, fashion arts and girls full of breath.


Star and Moon Necklace

Very versatile star and moon necklace with attention to detail, deep into your heart.

3. Star Moon Earrings

How can you have a necklace without earrings? Exquisite workmanship and unique design of mid-length earrings, size is not too large, daily matching will not feel exaggerated, with the moon as the earrings, stars as the pendant, the overall very showy.

Star Moon Earrings
The star and moon earrings in gold and silver are fashionable and stylish, highlighting the high-quality feeling.

4. Moon Mirror

The romantic moon mirror, as if to really bring the moon home, the mirror light off, is a black simple mirror, when the light is turned on, it becomes a full moon of quiet and gentle light.

Moon Mirror

5. Mary's little prince chocolate moon box

A limited holiday gift, the little prince who lives in the moon, the beautiful moon-shaped packaging is very bright, and the chocolate inside is also very delicate, each one is different, and all of them are combined with the story of the little prince inside ~ ~.
mary's little prince chocolate moon box

Gift for your loved one, of course.

A romantic star and moon gift for a couple who doesn't know which couple it is again!

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