10 Practical Christmas Gift for 2021

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2020 has brought us several struggles. From a pandemic to toilet paper shortages, it has been a rough year. However, one thing you should not struggle with is finding the perfect Christmas gives for the special ones in your life.

You might be worried that you can not save the day by providing the best of the best. Have no fear, below is a list of 10 practical Christmas gifts for 2020, to be the hero!

1.Moon Lamp

Home decor, night light, personalized, this lamp does it all. Yes, a lamp, but not your average side table lamp, a 3D luminus moon lamp. Show the ones you love that you truly do love them from the moon and back.

With Luna Lamps, smiles are guaranteed. The best part is that the lamps are customizable to add that personal touch. You can engrave your favorite quote and even have a beautiful family photo imprinted.

custom moon lamp

This is the closest you can get the moon to someone without becoming an astronaut and taking them on a rocket. Warm someone's heart this holiday season with the amazing Luna Lamp.


2.Sankoo Travel Adaptor

Hopefully, 2021 will be a year full of travel and making new memories. Put quarantine life in the past and book that trip to Rome. Just be sure to pack all the essentials such as sunscreen, a toothbrush, socks, and Sankoo Travel Adaptor.

Sankoo Travel Adaptor

The Sankoo Travel Adaptor is a must-have for all travelers. So while buying one for yourself, be sure to get an extra one as a gift for your travel buddies. This is an all-in-one travel adaptor that takes the guessing work out of converting plugs overseas. We do not need any electrical mishaps, so be sure to pick some up today.


3.Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones

With all the traveling we hope we will be doing in the new year, a great set of headphones would be much needed.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Headphones

Sony has the best pair for you to gift this year. With 30 hours of battery life, these are not only perfect for long plane rides, but could come in handy at work, home, or anywhere one would listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts. Plus, there are two colors (black and silver) to choose from, so you another option to personalize a gift.


4.Apple Watch SE

Everyone will want to be up to date with the latest tech trends when heading into 2021. So splurge a little and gift the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch has everything one would want from a smartwatch. View text messages, use GPS tracking, track fitness goals, and checking the weather are all some amazing features on the Apple Watch. Plus, a wide variety of colors and watch bands. Again, something you can personalize, what a win for you!


5.Amazon Echo Dot

Have any music lovers in your life? Amazon's Echo Dot would be the most practical and ideal gift for them. They will be thrilled with all the music concerts they can perform with the Echo Dot. They can even have Alexa play them relaxing music to drift to sleep to.

Amazon Echo Dot

However, this could also be a great gift for little ones. Echo Dots also have games loaded on them that can keep children entertained for hours. Not to mention, the Echo Dot just underwent an update and looks better than ever.


6.Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350

How many times have you been asked for a phone charger? We all have that one friend that can not keep their phone battery above 20% to save their life!

Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350

So instead of giving up your power source, gift them an Anker Powercore+ Mini 3350. This power bank is lightweight and easy to carry around. It could truly be someone's lifesaver without taking up too much space.


7.Waterproof Diaper Bag

Have a new mother or set of parents that you are shopping for this holiday season? One thing they will need is a diaper bag. Let us face it, with kids, come messes.

Waterproof Diaper Bag

So, invest in a waterproof diaper bag to help clean-ups be as simple as they can be. Parents will be thanking you so much once they unwrap this smart gift.


8. Electric toothbrush

We should all be taking care of our health and part of that is taking care of our teeth. Make your dentist proud by purchasing an electric toothbrush this year.

Electric Toothbrush

Gift this toothbrush to ensure that 2021 is filled with sparkling smiles from your peers. Plus, this model is top-rated and recommended #1 by dentist. Boring manual toothbrushes are a thing of the past, upgrade your loved ones' oral routine with this gift.

9.Coffee Machine and Espresso Maker

One awesome gift for the coffee lover you know is a coffee AND espresso maker.

Coffee Machine and Espresso Maker

This gift serves so many purposes, not only would the coffee lover brew the best, they will rest easier knowing they do not have to spend time and money on fancy coffee when they have their own personal coffee shop at home. This model is an all-in-one and brews everything from a simple cup of coffee to lattes.


10.Phone Sanitizer

In 2020, it feels like sanitizer stocks went up 2000% with all that was going on. Not to mention, flu season is here! We have to touch so many surfaces and those surfaces are layered with germs.


Phone Sanitizer

Then you grab your phone and then the germs stick to your phone, gross. Help stop the spread of germs by gifting a phone sanitizer. It will take your social circle one step closer to fighting flu season and germs.


That is a Wrap

So many great possibilities on this list. From an amazingly beautiful moon lamp to ensuring clean phones, you have a lot to chose from.

Again, 2020 has been hard on us all and most of us are looking forward to this Christmas to feel jolly. Spread the cheer and joy, while also providing practicality. Now that you are equipped with the best gift list available, go out and shop!

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