Creative Sharing: 10 designs related to the Moon

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Moon landings, probes, we will always have a desire for the moon.

In the hands of the designer, the moon has become a decoration in the home.

"After the first American landing on the moon in 1969, people couldn't wait to enter the 'space-age'. The same goes for design.

Here are 10 designs derived from the moon that will bring us closer to the moon.


1. Verpan Moon Pendant 


Verpan Moon Pendant


The 20th century's most famous Danish designer, Verner Panton.

He designed the famous "Panton Chair."

He is good at combining technology with art.

One of his masterpieces is the "Verpan Moon Pendant", which he designed in 1960.


Verpan Moon Pendant 2


It is combined with a fan blade that can rotate automatically.

Changing the light/darkness, like a full moon or missing moonlight.


 Verpan Moon Pendant 3



2. 3D printing Moon Lamp


Moon lamp from lunarlamps, using the most advanced 3D printing technology

Achieve 100% accurate restoration of the moon lamp.


moon lamp


In addition, it can be freely customized with images, text, graphics, logos, etc. 


custom moon lamp


You can place a moon lamp anywhere in your home and have the moon with you every day!


3. Living on the moon (classic design: Ball Chair)


In this image depicting the future of human habitation on the moon

There is a classic design from the last century - the "ball chair"


Ball Chair


"Ball chair" was designed by Eero Aarnio of Finland.

It's a semi-circular, semi-enclosed space.

This chair has held the record for high production since its start in 1963!

His work still plays an important role in thousands of homes to this day

The "Bubble Chair", for example, is so pure and transparent that it is like being in mid-air.


ball chair"2


And the ball chair is often seen in science fiction films.

For example, the early sci-fi film Moon Zero Two (1969) appears in the cosmic scene.


ball chair 3


The period was associated with the moon landing, and even the design had a spacey feel to it.


4. Astronauts' televisions


Astronauts' televisions


The Japanese company JVC had a TV around 1970.

This black-and-white TV caught the moon landing craze of the day.


Astronauts' televisions 2


If you remember the first American moon landing. That classic souvenir photo of the astronauts on the moon.

That's right, it's a TV - rounded like an astronaut's helmet, clear and full of texture.

The designer's name is Ryuzo Fujita.


Astronauts' televisions 3


This TV has been very popular since its launch and has appeared in many popular movies.


5. Teluria Candelabra


Swedish design studio NOTE design studio has launched a teluria candelabra.


 Teluria Candelabra


A system of "Earth-Moon-Sun" motion as a reference.


 Teluria Candelabra 2


The model visualizes the causes of night and day, solar and lunar eclipses and the phases of the moon.

Depending on the internal settings, the rotating position for different time periods


 Teluria Candelabra 3


To increase the flame height of the candle.

The design of the candlestick itself is subtle and simple


6. Heliacal


In astronomy, the word "syzygy" stands for a triple conjunction of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon or other planets in a belt.




OS&OOS Design from the Netherlands combines this celestial phenomenon.

They designed a series of lamps with minimalist clocks and other pieces.


Heliacal 2


The color of the light changes with time.

The clock displays the time by rotating the disc.


Heliacal 3


The whole series is very simple and full of geometric liquidity


Heliacal 4


7. Moon, small armchair


The "Moon, small armchair" was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Italian brand Moroso in 2011.


Moon, small armchair


Under different light, The material of the chair surface is reflected.


Moon, small armchair 2


And will show different changes in height.


8. Traveling with the Moon


For an art exhibition in 1993.

Russian Artist Leonid Tishkov Creates a Glowing Moon


Traveling with the Moon


And began his own trip around the world with "Moon".

For nearly a decade afterwards, he photographed this moon in every place he visited at the time.


Traveling with the Moon 2


The artist says it's a moon all its own.

It's actually like the moon: wherever you are, late at night, alone, it's there.


Traveling with the Moon 3 


Although this is just an ordinary lamp with a moon shape.



9. Grand Master


This one's a bit different.

An artist named DONOVAN has always been fascinated by steampunk. Weld some metal together to make a light or device.


Grand Master


The moon has always been his specialty.

For example, a clock called "Grand Master.


Grand Master 2


The clockwork has two special calibrations

Such as the time when the moon’s light reaches the earth, etc.

There is also a hand-painted moon as an indication of the hour hand


10. Moon clock


Haoshi from Taiwan has designed a moon wall clock.


Moon clock


With nocturnal animals, create your own quiet moments of reflection.

Adding fluorescents to the clock face


Moon clock 2


In the darkness, this wall clock glows like the moon, a soft light.

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