Can I Use the Moon Lamp as a Night Light?

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moon lamp as night light

You recently got this cute moon lamp as a gift from your loved one but aren’t sure how to use it. You’re wondering if it’s okay to use it as a night light. The answer is a resounding yes. Moon lamps are among the many trendy advents in the fields of lights.

 Moon lamps also come in handy for people struggling to fall asleep at night. Their warm light is soothing and helps you fall asleep easily.


What is a Moon Lamp?

It refers to a lamp that resembles the shape, texture, appearance, and color of the moon. 3D printing technology is used to achieve these effects.

moon lamp

When you use them, they not only illuminate your room but also serve as a décor item. Its fantastic design makes for a stunning display, whether it’s lit up or not. 


Applications of the Lamp

You can use your cute lunar lamp in more than one setting. You can have it on your patio when sitting around the fire pit with your loved ones.

moon lamp for loverss

You can also have it as your primary lighting source at night when you want a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. You can adjust the light settings to a natural white or a warm yellow depending on the desired effect.

If you like some little magic in your bedroom at night, you can admire the beauty of this lamp before bedtime. It’ll feel like the moon is right beside you with all its lava flows, impact craters, and dead volcanoes.

You're probably asking yourself the following questions, and we are here with the answers.


Can I use the moon lamp as a night light for a baby or kids?

Moon lamps will come in handy at night when tending to your baby. Instead of lighting up the whole room, use this light to illuminate your space. Whether you’re feeding your baby or changing their diapers, it’s your perfect companion.

moon lamp for kids

Moon lamps don’t heat up and are therefore child-safe. Calm your child’s nighttime fears with the reassuring beauty of the lamp. They can sleep better with the dim light that helps them relax and sleep soundly. You may be worried about the effect of the illumination on your child’s eyes. Rest assured that it won’t directly light into their eyes.


Should I use a moon lamp in my bedroom?

The 3D design of a moon-like lamp delivers a unique 360-degree beam angle. If you like sleeping with your bed lights switched on, these lamps are a great alternative.

moon lamp in my bedroom

For your nighttime trips to the bathroom, they provide the best lighting option. You no longer have to hit your toes against edges trying to find your way in the dark.


Can I need a moon lamp as a night light for seniors?

The elderly have multiple needs and conditions that sometimes keep them awake. Their eyes are feeble and can't withstand intense light. How do moon lamps help their situation?

Put a light near their bed to prevent a fall as they climb out of bed at night. Your loved one doesn’t have to fumble with light switches that can sometimes be too hard to press.

Users who have arthritis and have lost finger flexibility can have a hard time switching on lights. Choose a lamp with a touch switch so that it lights up automatically upon coming into contact with their fingers.

moon lamp in bedroom

Some lamps light up automatically after charging. You won’t need to connect a power cord to make them function. Place the lamp as near as possible to the user and ensure the settings aren’t too bright. You want to prevent eye glare that can hinder proper eye functioning. If your loved one needs to use the light at night, it’ll be right beside them.


Can moon lamp cause fires?

It's uncommon that a moon lamp can cause a fire. The products are designed with safety features in place. However, you must check that the battery and lampshade do not present any problems. The light settings are soft on the user’s eyes, including children and the elderly.

The two-colour option, yellow and white, is very soft on the eyes even on the highest settings. If anyone suffers eye irritation, check your other lighting sources as it's highly unlikely that the problem is this lamp.

The lamps come with accompanying accessories like lampshades. It comes from corn, sugarcane, cassava, or corn pulp, it's renewable and biodegradable.

The lamp’s built-in batteries are subjected to a Material Safety Data Sheet tests for safety. The tests entail the Drop Test, UN38.3 Test, and Material Safety Test. The power cord is equally strong and safe to use.
This tells you that the lampshades are eco-friendly. They're also smooth and odorless, posing no risk to your health. They undergo a 3D printing process, just like the lamps.

The entire lamp setup is safe for use, having been certified as such. Use the lamp with relief, knowing that it won't put you at risk.


Customized Moon Lamps

The beauty of moon lights is to behold, and they're so much you can do with this beauty. One thing you can do is customize the lamps to reflect your style and feelings. How is this possible?

If you want to gift a loved one or express your love, there’s no better way than with a moon light. At Lunar Lamps, you can put your creativity into good use to have custom-made lamps.

customized moon lamp

Come up with a unique design or express your thoughts in words and have them etched on the moon. Think in the lines of your loved one’s photo, a picture of your favorite location, or a symbol you hold dear.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to change the ambience of your house at night? This is possible by the use of a source of light different from what you’re used to. Grab some moon lamps today and see the transformation they can bring. They're soft, comfortable to use, and captivating to the eyes.

What do you think about moon lamps? Let us know in the comments below and ask any question you still have regarding them. We are here to help. 

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