Moon Lamps: Night Lights that Immortalize Memories

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People have been fascinated with the Moon since ancient times. The glorious, glowing orb that circles the Earth has served as a source of human interest, scientific investigation, and poetic, artistic inspiration since we first gazed upward. 

Lunar Lamps have provided the opportunity to give the one (or ones) you love the Moon since 2016. Their customizable 3D-printed Moon Lamp night lights feature a photo-realistic design of the Moon’s landscape taken directly from NASA’s precise moon texture data. 

NASA Explorers - Apollo

Imagine a Planetarium in your own home, with the moonlight guiding you in the dark and offering a warm, gentle glow to ease you and your loved ones into a blissful sleep.

The Moon that Everyone Adores

The Moon has provoked cultures to create myths about it, cosmologists to study it, made astronauts long to land on its rocky terrain (they finally did in 1969 and many times after that), and artists to explore the timeless enchantment it holds in human hearts. 

Innumerable songs, poems, stories, and artworks of all kinds feature this mysterious, moody, and ever-changing nighttime beacon of light. There is simply something incredibly magical about the Moon and the moonlight! 

moon magic

Visions of the Moon often evoke romance and profound emotion. When asked what gift would demonstrate the grandness of affection they feel, throughout history, loved ones have poetically requested the Moon to confirm devotion as vast as the cosmos. 


The Moon in Your Hands

The innovative 3D-printing technology crafted layer-by-layer gives the appearance of the actual Moon. Lunar Lamps night lights are the most realistic Moon you can find outside of the real lunar orb, from its ridges to craters. 

The Lunar Lamps story began much like a modern fairy tale. A 3D technology enthusiast’s girlfriend asked in jest for the Moon to prove his love for her. He wondered how he could fulfill her demand and share with others the opportunity to give such a special gift? With the support of an eager and enthusiastic team behind him, Lunar Lamps was born. 

custom moon lamp

Careful thought and detail went into crafting a special night light Moon that reflects sincere feelings and lives not in the sky but in your home or the place your loved ones rest their head. Lunar Lamps cares about the Earth as much as the Moon. 

Using Eco-friendly, bio-based, and biodegradable extracted from corn stalks, Lunar Lamps night lights are resilient yet supple, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, and can be degraded. UN38.3 certified rechargeable batteries make the product convenient and safe to use. 

A Comforting Glow of a Moon Light

Lunar Lamps Moon Lamps night lights provide luminance that mimics the soft radiance of the Moon in the night sky. Human eyes do not have the night vision ability of some animals. We need a little help getting around in the dark, but it's been documented by a study at Harvard University Medical School that the so-called "blue lights" of LED screens on our laptops and handheld devices can be detrimental to a good night's sleep. 

The subtle, non-invasive illumination from a source like a Moon Lamps night light is the perfect solution to sending your children to bed without fear of the dark. It also helps prevent nighttime mishaps like stubbing your toes or tripping while groping in a blackened room or the jarring brightness of suddenly flipping on the light switch.

moon lamp in my bedroom girls

With a personalized Moon Lamp, the beauty, mystique, and romance of the Moon is yours to behold every night in your own home, etched with meaning that professes your true feelings for the recipient. 

Here are a few unique, customizable ways to show you care by giving the gift of majestic moonlight.


Goodnight Moon: A Night Light for Sweet Dreams 

After reading a beloved bedtime story, parents and children can say “Goodnight Moon” together and make sleepytime rituals fun under the peaceful glow of the Moon Lamp night light. The classic, Original Moon Lamp night light offers educational opportunities to inform young ones about the great sphere in the sky, while the soft light provides comfort to lull them into sweet dreams.

The Moon Lamp night light is certainly not just for kids! Teenagers and college students will find inspiration for their study sessions and serenity for much-needed slumber after looking at the harsh lights of laptop and smartphone screens all day. 

moon lamp for kids

A Moon Lamp night light serves multiple purposes as a fashionable and functional dorm room decoration that doubles as a great conversation starter. It’s the Lava Lamp of the 21st century!

A Personalized Night Light for Someone Special

Personalized Moon Lamps are customizable on the back and front of the 3D orb with multiple options to suit your preferences. You can add a photo, text, emojis, logos, or a combination. The two tones you can expect are cool white and warm yellow. It only takes a touch to change the colors and adjust the brightness, and the soft, elegant light never hurts the eyes.

Personalized Moon Lamps night lights are an ideal choice for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any occasion to make her feel special and celebrated. 

custom photo moon lamp

They come in various sizes with helpful tips and photo samples on the website to ensure that your customized Moon Lamp is made to order under the highest quality and appearance standards. Worldwide shipping ensures the Moon arrives at the speed of light.


A Moon Night Light: The Ultimate Unique Gift

Stumped on what to get the person who has everything or for whom it’s notoriously difficult to find a gift? Moon Lamps night lights are a fun, quirky present for almost everyone on your list and any occasion. 

While Asian folktales speak of a Rabbit in the Moon, why not feature your favorite pet on a Customized Moon Lamp? Dogs won’t have to howl at the Moon above when they’re emblazoned on the one in your home. Moon lamps offer a charming way to capture your pet’s personality.

dog moon lamp

Perhaps there’s a young Astro-physicist-to-be or a science-minded child within your family? NASA’s realistic 3D-mapping data ensures the most accurate hand-held mini Moon to provoke further curiosity in exploring the solar system. Astrology enthusiasts can get their star signs etched on a Custom Moon Lamp.

They can carve an epic image of a fond memory or inside joke into the surface of a unique keepsake that showcases an outside-of-the-box gift-giving style. Company logos and slogans can be imprinted into a Moon Lamp to show appreciation for staff members or bosses.

The more artistically inclined can add their drawing to the surface of a Moon Lamp, the closest one can come to see their creative vision on a celestial body. The mysterious enchantment of a Moon you can hold in your hand makes the Moon Lamp an exciting luminous prop for Instagram-worthy photoshoots.


Commemorative and Memorialize with a Night Light

Custom Moon Lamps night lights can mark important milestones such as graduations, weddings, births, significant achievements, and life transitions. Available in seven sizes with multiple options to make the Moon your own, they are a portable, safe, stylish, and heartwarming commemoration. 

moon lamp kids

Immortalize the memory of the loved one you’ve lost by embossing their image, favorite phrase, or inspirational quote on a Custom Moon Lamp. It is a touching tribute and a way to feel close to those who have passed away. 

Memorializing your loved one in a glowing Moon Lamp will serve as a reminder of treasured memories you’ve shared and provides the feeling that they are watching over you like a guardian angel.

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