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Our cats and dogs love us unconditionally, and it behooves us to return that love. There are a number of ways to demonstrate that love, from more hugs and petting, better food and snacks, and even better toys.

It can also help to find unique fun gifts; one such gift is a photo moon lamp. The moon lamp is simply a lamp that looks like a moon when lit up, and some have an included photo as part of it.

dog photo on the moon lamp

In this case, the photo is that of the dog that is visible when it lights up. It makes for a nice lamp and something that reminds you of your pet's love whenever it is turned on.


Why You Need The Moon Lamp

Pets are like us in a number of ways, and that includes enjoying celebrations along with their adopted family.

Just like us they need to have a happy holiday, and gifts show them that we care, even if they do not quite realize the reasons behind it; they do recognize the emotion behind it, however, and it makes for a happy pet.

What is sort of nice is that the lamp will make you happy as well, reminding you of the pet every time that you turn it on, and that helps to strengthen the bond between you and the pet.

The photo moon lamp is one of the possible gifts that you can get for them and will remind of them for as long as we have the lamp. The lamp is a small way to return their love, and it eventually looks like them.

The lamp features photos of your beloved pets, and you can personalize it with their name as well as their image.

 features photos of your beloved pets on moon lamp

It is one of the best ways you can use a lamp to praise your dog and can make living with a pet that much more enjoyable. In essence, it is something that can strengthen your bond while celebrating your pet.


What Can It Do For You

The photo moon lamp may feel like a cheesy souvenir, but it makes for a wonderful gift. In a lot of ways, it just like one of your family photos, just in a different format, and helps to remind you of your pet just like your more normal family photos.

pets lover family photos

While it may not be one of your normal pet gifts, as the pet cannot enjoy it, it does help strengthen the bond between master and pet, making for a great present in that regard.

It can also capture the attention of those that visit your home, making for an interesting conversation piece if nothing else. All of this makes it a wonderful gift.


How To Get the Best Picture

Clear pictures

Of course, the catch of obtaining a photo moon lab is that you need a photograph of your pet. You can try to obtain the clearest picture possible, but that will not be that easy the pet will always be in motion. Cat owners understand that predicament even more than dog owners.

Grab the pet's best possible expression 

You can also seek to grab the pet's best possible expression; that is something you can encourage by giving the pet a snack before shooting. Just be advised that you need to take a good picture, especially given the longevity of the moon lamp.

 Natural Poses

When you take the picture, try for the best possible environment. You can take inspiration from the pet's favorite poses in order to make the pose as natural as possible.

Grab Their Attention

You can make sure that you use natural light for the best possible light. You will need to be patient and grab their attention.

 Focus on the Eyes

The best way to do this is to focus on the eyes. The process of taking a picture can be exhausting, so make sure that you reward the pet for the experience.

 Highest resolution and highest contrast

As for other details, the best pictures are the highest possible resolution and highest contrast; the picture is in black and white, so the more details the better.

Not backlit photo

Do not use a backlit photo; it will likely cast the face in shadow and that will cost you detail and create a horrible picture.

Keep headshots and bust shots

Try to keep headshots and bust shots, if a full-length picture is taken, it may be cropped in order to ensure the best possible result. This is one time you can try for the brightest light possible.

Overall, just do what you can for the best possible picture, no matter what it takes.


Other Things to Keep in Mind When You Purchase a Moon Lamp

When you purchase the photo moon lamp, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Obviously, the picture is a major part of that, as is the text, what will go on the lamp is of major consequence.

You will also need to decide on the size, there are a number of sizes ranging from a 3.5-inch diameter globe to a 9-inch globe. Keep in mind that the two smallest globes will not support a picture, only text.

Style Sizes
XXS 3.5″ inch
XS 4.0″ inch
S 5.0″ inch
M 6.0″ inch
L 7.0″ inch
XL 8.0″ inch
XXL 9.5″ inch


Pictures tend to do best on the 6-inch and larger globes, while if you want four subjects on the same globe, you can try for the 7-inch or larger globes.

In essence, the more detail you want from the picture, the larger the globe; this makes the largest globes arguably the best if you are looking to remember every detail of the dog or cat.

 cat photo moon lamp

The photo moon lamp makes for a fun present, even if it is just for you. The moon lamp will give you a chance to remember the pet for a long time and will help to strengthen the bond between pet and master.

It also makes for a wonderful gift for someone else in the family, especially if that family member is leaving for college or for other reasons.

In short, the photo moon lamp makes for a great gift for a number of different occasions, especially for those looking for anything to remind of them of their pets.

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