Personalized Photo Moon Lamp For Girlfriend

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Are you looking for a more personal, significant and impactful gift? Are you tired of searching the internet for gifts that don't feel intentional or thoughtful?

If so, Lunar Lamps' Personalized Moon Lamps are the solution you're looking for.

photo moon lamp for girlfriend

You can create a personalized message for your girlfriend to look at before she falls asleep.

You can give your parents a lamp printed with a photo of your vacation together.

You also so can create a time capsule for your old college buddies or create centerpiece for your own living room.

This product is well suited to a variety of custom options, please review our options below to see just what the Personalized Moon Lamp can be!


Why You Should Get a Personalized Moon Lamp

Personalized Moon Lamps are well suited for space lovers, cozy homes and everything in between. They're. a perfect way to present a photo or preserve a personal message to someone close to you.

Our service will help you build a lamp to commemorate meaningful moments and messages, while making it as simple for you as possible.

Personalized Moon Lamps are great gifts for partners, family and close friends. Our lamps are 3D printed with a state of the art material printer in a 28+ hour printing process.

photo moon lamp

They feature a moon texture printed on the outside which uses NASA imagery to create a high-resolution and accurate lunar lamp. We use a single mold design that is FCC, CE and RoHS certified, so you know you're getting a product that's safe.

Our customization options work great with this printing style, allowing you a variety of options for your lamp. The LED inside creates a warm white/yellow tone, which can be turned on with touch and is charged with a USB mini cable and lasts for 3-5 hours between charges. The packaging includes the cable as well as a wooden stand, manual and giftcard.

Our Personalized Moon Lamps service provides you with a variety of options. Print a photo, a message, or both on either the back or front of the spherical Moon Lamp.

In addition, we can also print emojis, patterns, and even logos! With these options, we can make a customized Moon Lamp that is truly personal. We have created 10,000+ personalized lamps with our patented, custom design.


Tips to Get a Good Personalized Moon Lamp

Make sure that your photo has smooth textures and high contrast that will complement the tones of the lamp. This will ensure that the photo blends well with the moon texture.

photo moon lamp

Our team will review your photo and integrate it with the print. Think about not only choosing a photo that means something to you but one that will go well with the product. This ensures that we provide you with the best lamp that we possibly can!

Choose photo dimensions that will print well onto the lamp. Portraits and headshots with full hairstyle are best for this print. A full-sized, long headshot may be cropped in order to ensure that it is well centered on the lamp.

If you want to blend text and a photo, we recommend limiting the amount of words.

moon lamp

Choose a high resolution photo. This will ensure that it prints with the same quality of the moon texture on the lamp. We recommend at least a 6 inch lamp for a photo, because this creates room for the photo to be blended with the texture of the moon well.

High pixel photos print onto the lamps best. If you want a lamp that has 4 or more people (such as a family photo), we recommend at least a 7 inch lamp. Lamps 4 inches and smaller can only have text printed on them.

If your photo needs a simple cropping, we will do this without your notice. If you have specific needs for the image, please contact us.

If we believe that your photo is unsuitable for the lamp design or needs to be changed significantly in order to be suitable, we will contact you.



We hope you'll consider trusting us to help you create a gift that is personal and meaningful.

Please review our options for your custom lamp and let us create a gift that will be remembered for a long time. We are ready to build your dream lamp!


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