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Gifting might seem like a small thing to do or think about until you actually have to select it and you fail. How do you know you have gotten the wrong gift? You would normally expect a joyous opening of the gift once delivered, but instead, there is a confused look on her face.

You should also reconsider your gift selection techniques if your house has a drawer full of the gifts you select that are never put into the intended use. That said, let us discuss one of the best gifts you could ever get your wife. So personal in fact, it will light up her life both metaphorically and literally.


The Moon Lamp Explained

The moon lamp is just what the name says. It is a lamp designed to look and illuminate like the original moon. The moon is created using 3Dprinters that bring to life a replica of the moon with very intricate detail. The moon's appearance and texture are based on the images captured by NASA.

This also includes the craters, valleys, dunes, and even the radiation is very spot on. Once you hang or prop the moon up in your room, it will seem as though a moon is inside your home.

moon lamp for wife

What better way to tell your wife that you love her than showing her how she lights up your life?


So why select a personalized moon lamp for your wife?

Apart from presenting a very personalized gift to your wife, you will enjoy an elegance you probably only see in restaurants and other places. You get to enjoy the warmth the light provides.The light gives an ambiance that will remind your wife of your love every time she sees it.

You can put the lamp in any room you feel and at our service, we can customize the lamp to include a photo, words, or a figure that means something to her. As the moon lights up, it also radiates the customized part.

photo moon lamp for wife

It could be something as simple as "I love you" to the lyrics to your favorite song.

custom moon lamp 'i love you'

Depending on what you want, the message will be loud and clear even in the darkest of days. It makes a perfect present for her during your anniversary, for valentine's, on her birthday, and any other day that is special to both of you.


Tips on selecting the best moon lamp

Look for the best material

In a world fighting many wars, you do not want to be the one person who uses environmentally damaging material, especially when it’s a gift to someone. Check if the lamps are ROSH-CE certificate to ensure that the lamp is environmentally friendly.

Consider the battery.

It is 2020 and the last thing you need is to keep tearing something apart just to change a battery. In this case, look for a moon lamp that is rechargeable. This means to look for one with an inbuilt battery.

Therefore, even when the lights start to dim, all you have to do is charge it and you never have to worry about forgetting the batteries at the store.


Select the best texture

One of the things that make our lamps the best in the industry is the fact that we make our textures as realistic as possible. Unlike other brands, we take our time to ensure that we produce the highest quality moon lamps with the most realistic textures.

the best texture to photo moon lamp for wife

We will ensure that the personalized moon lamp you get from us looks like an actual moon and not a failed art class project. We ensure value for your money.


What’s the charging port situation?

The moon ought to be a perfect sphere so when selecting the personalized moon lamp for wife, ensure that you have the charging port has been made to blend in with the moon and maintain the spherical shape.

The moon should not be dented or hollowed on the area where the port it at. Also, ensure that the stitches or glue that is used to secure the port in place do not show. Our products are of high quality and are seamless.


Final Thoughts

When buying a Personalized Moon Lamp for your wife, you want the art to reflect the feelings and the meaning they carry so ensure that you buy the best one for the occasion.

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