Honor Your Loved One with an Illuminating Memorial Gift

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Express sympathy, show support or pay tribute to a loved one by designing an artistic, tailored memorial gift. A custom moon lamp is a unique and heartfelt way to express your care and well-wishes for others. It's a soothing gift, designed exclusively with your loved one in mind. 


photo moon lamp for you lover in mind

Illuminate a photo or some loving words on a carefully designed lamp. Whether the gift is for a family member or a beloved friend, the personalized present will help brighten their space and spirits. 


Why Purchase a Memorial Gift?

In times of great grief, it can seem challenging to figure out how to best support your mourning loved ones. Their loss likely feels grueling, significant, and immeasurable. While a gift will never equal the depth of their loss, it can be an appropriate way to honor or care for a relative or dear friend. 


A sympathy gift should be well-thought-out. It's a gesture that can leave a lasting impact on the receiver and, hopefully, provide a bit of relief. Keeping the item simple, unique, and sensitive is key for giving a suitable memorial gift. Lunar Lamps offers custom products that will clearly show how you made an effort to choose a memorable condolence gift. 


Customized Lunar Lamps

A custom moon lamp can be a source of comfort for those in mourning. The attention and thought behind your customized message will show recognition and remembrance for the lost loved one. The lamp's bright glow will bring warmth to any home, and your specific design can help highlight fond memories for your grieving friend or loved one, or even you.  


personalized moon lamp lover for ever

Moon Lamp Products

Our lunar lamps are modeled directly after the moon. Each design includes every crater, ridge, and valley. Using a textured map of the moon from NASA, Lunar Lamps creates an accurate mini-model of your moon with every printing. The company's 3D printers and tech team print out layer after layer of material to build a sturdy and precise representation of our moon. 


The lamps vary in size- you can choose a moon from 3.5 inches to 9.5 inches in diameter. The moon lamp's small proportions make it an ideal memorial gift- it's of an appropriate size and won't take up too much space in your loved one's home. Every light is shipped with a solid, wooden base or a hand-shaped base to support the spherical lamp.

Style Sizes
XXS 3.5″ inch
XS 4.0″ inch
S 5.0″ inch
M 6.0″ inch
L 7.0″ inch
XL 8.0″ inch
XXL 9.5″ inch


The moon lamps come in two lighting tones. The controls are touch-operated so that you can opt for a brighter, white light or a soft, yellow glow with just one tap. The lamps are battery operated via rechargeable batteries. All the user needs to do is plug a USB cord into the light to restore power quickly. To power your lamp on or off, you tap the touch-control on the bottom of the moon. 


Due to the lamp's miniature size and its battery-operated design, each moon has a significant amount of mobility. You can easily carry the moon lamp from room to room or set it on different surfaces, depending on where you need the light. 


The design is beautiful, and the shape is functional. A lunar lamp can serve as both a comfort source and a statement piece for one's home. 


Share Your Love

At Lunar Lamp, we offer both the classic, original moon lamp, and custom moon lamps. For creating a thoughtful and meaningful memorial gift, you may want to opt for a personalized design. Our team can help make the exact gift you've imagined. 

A popular way to customize your lunar lamp is to feature text exclusively in your lamp shade design. You can write any message you'd like. However, some conventional sympathy messages include, "I love you to the moon and back," "Those we love never go away," or "Always by your side."

Requested words can be printed on the front, back, or both sides of the moonlight, depending on your design. Our team will be in touch if, for whatever reason, we are unable to fit your message on the shade fully. 


The Man on the Moon


The moon lamp doesn't have to look exactly like the moon. It could feature one of your favorite photos of your loved one. Take your personalized memorial gift a step further by etching a photo into the side of the moon. Lunar Lamps will etch beautiful pictures of your family, pets, or loved ones in your moon design.  

beautiful pictures of your family on moon lamp

This personalized gift will leave a lasting impact. The team can print your photo alongside custom text. Designers can also etch images on both the front and back sides of the moon lamp. We want to work with you to create an appropriate and beautiful tribute for your loved one. The team does suggest that you include headshots as the image for the smaller-sized moon lamps. This way, the team can identify your loved one in the design. 

Designs can also incorporate logos, emojis, or symbols as part of the image. The memorial gift can be as unique as the individual we're paying tribute to, whether the lamp features a person, a business, or a pet.

 photo moon lamp features a pet


How to Order a Moon Lamp

Lunar Lamps has made the process of ordering a custom moon lamp as quick and straightforward as possible. Buyers can submit their text and image requests directly with each order. We ask that you specifically identify which size lamp you would like to purchase (of which there are seven sizes to choose from). Our team will contact you to change your design if the one you submitted initially is impossible for 3D printing. 

Keep in Mind While Ordering 

  • The text must be kept to a maximum of 25 characters to ensure it properly fits the moon lamp. 
  • If you're interested in including a photo on your moon lamp, we recommend you choose a moon lamp size that is at least 6 inches in diameter or larger. 
  • If the lamp image incorporates four or more people, we suggest purchasing a larger moon lamp than 7 inches in diameter. We want to ensure everyone is in the design. 
  • The higher the quality of your photo or the clearer the contrast in your image, it will be significantly easier to print the design. We want the etching to be as visible, identifiable, and straightforward as possible, and we need great photos to make that happen. 
  • If you would prefer to see a preview of your shade's drawing before production, please make a special note of that when purchasing the light.
  • The United States and European Union's product regulation commissions certify the moon lamps- meaning the LED lights are made with durable, quality materials and are thoroughly tested before being sent home. 


Shipping Information

Lunar Lamps completely understands that many memorial gifts are relatively time-sensitive. The company works diligently to create your custom design, build your 3D printed moon, and ship it to you promptly. 

Depending on how detailed your personalized outline is, though, it may take up to 5 to 7 business days to finish printing. It takes a bit of time to ensure the design is accurate and that the product performs correctly. 

Worldwide shipping is available, but shipping costs and times can vary depending on where the product is sent, specifically. Free, standard shipping generally takes about 14 to 24 business days, depending on the country. Paid, expedited shipping typically only takes about 7 to 10 business days. 

The company recognizes the significance behind a sympathy gift. Our expert designers and tech team consistently produce excellent work. The shades are safe and delicately made. We will always try to get your lamp to you on time, but it may depend entirely on your design and where the product is shipped. 


Why Lunar Lamps 

As a whole, Lunar Lamps has helped more than 10,000 clients express sympathy, love, or fun in the form of 3D printed moon lamps. The company uses cutting-edge technology to create beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing designs. We're in the business of making sure the atmosphere in your home is cozy, comfortable, and celestial. 

Lunar Lamps firmly believes that the lighting in your home can also be a form of artwork. It can be both functional and bright and serve as beautiful decor. Our enthusiastic team has been perfecting this design since 2016.


Final Thoughts 

A custom moon lamp is a great way to mark some of life's most significant moments or milestones. You can remember your favorite place, loved ones, or commemorate a sweet pet, in your moon lamp design. In case you're looking to honor a lost loved one for your own home or are looking to purchase a beautiful sympathy gift, our team is ready to work with you to make your kind effort a reality. 

Lunar Lamps wants to lasso the moon and bring it to you. Whether you stick with the classic moon lamp or customize your design, we hope to deliver a bit of magic and light to your home. 

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