Using A Moon Lamp As A Photography Prop

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As a photographer, one of my favorite things to do is to find new ways to take pictures. Sometimes, that means spending my free time scouting for locations, but it can also mean scouring the internet and garage sales all over trying to find the perfect prop. And one of my favorite finds recently is a moon lamp.

I got my hands on one after seeing a colleague's portraits using it as a prop. I was instantly amazed by all the possibilities that came with it. I could use it as a light, as a centerpiece, and even a background piece.



And in this article, I've written all about using it as a photography prop. Whether you're a professional, hobbyist, or complete beginner, you might find this to be one of the most valuable props you can bring to a shoot. Read on to learn more.


Why Use A Moon Lamp As A Prop?

Before we get into the details of how to use this prop, we first have to look at why it's such a viable option for photographers and self-portrait artists.

1. It Attracts The Viewer's Attention

One of the main reasons this can be such a great tool to use in photography is how it can instantly catch someone's eye.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop - Attracts The Viewer's Attention

 This could be because of how aesthetically pleasing the lamp can be on its own, and it can also be because of how unique it looks when captured on a camera. The way that light can come out of it look beautiful when captured


2. It Makes Your Photo Stand Out

In today's photography landscape, finding ways to stand out can be tough. With all the different shutterbugs, styles, and techniques available out there, it can be hard to shine in the crowd.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop - Stand out

 But this lamp is a great way to do that. This is because even if it has been used by a lot of different photographers and hobbyists out there, it also gives you endless opportunities. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to find a way to make your photo stand out with a moon lamp.


3. It Will Help You Tell A Story

One piece of advice that any great photographer will give you is to tell a story in every photo. It's highly encouraged for photographers to be able to convey emotions and narratives through the camera lens.

That's why mid-action shots are so valuable in sports, or why dramatic poses are needed in a lot of editorial shoots. But that's a skill that will usually come to you through a lot of practice, patience, and time.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop Attracts - Tell A Story

 A great way to start out with creating narratives and stories in your photos is by using props. The versatility of a moon lamp allows you to be able to create a lot of dimensions in your photos and convey complex emotions through the lighting, blocking, and placement of your subjects.


4. It Heightens Your Creativity

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many ways to incorporate props into your photography. The only real limit is one's own creativity. And a great way to expand and heighten your own creative tendencies is to find multiple uses for one prop.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop - Heightens Your Creativity

 There are no rules as to how you can and cannot use a lamp. You can have it turned on, you can have the light turned off.

You can have it as a single light source, use it as a fill light, have a model hold it, or have it as the focal point of your image (but more on that later).

The point is, the possibilities are endless with this prop. And that's why it's an ideal prop for beginners who are trying to get into photography.


What Can A Moon Lamp Do For You?

Now it's time to take a closer look at the specific ways you can incorporate a lamp in your life as a photographer. These are far from the only ways they can be used, but it's a good place to start.

1. You Can Take Lovely Night Shots

Photographers are always limited to the amount of light they have available. And naturally, there is much less light to work with at night than during the day.

This can really be limiting, especially if you've been itching to take night time portraits but can't seem to ever get the right light.

The light that emanates from a moon lamp is not harsh at all, and it can even seem almost natural when used to light a person's skin.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop - Take Lovely Night Shots

This can allow you to have a better view of your subject in the evening. The look that you can achieve when taking night portraits with a lamp like this can seem very professional, and can also make for very captivating images.

2. Use It As A Fill Light

This may not be a familiar concept to some, but a fill light is mainly used in television and film to reduce the contrast of a shot to match the scene's dynamic range.

It can be used the same way in photography. This is very useful in portraiture as having too much contrast on the face can actually distort the image and make for an overly complex image.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop - A Fill Light.jpg

 A fill light can also make sure a subject is well lit even if the main source of light is coming from the back, which often leaves the subject poorly lit. With a fill light, you can take nice silhouettes and well-lit portraits at the same time!

That being said, professional studio fill lights can cost a lot of money, and might not be the most practical investment for some. A moon lamp is much more affordable, and when placed right in the proper conditions, it can be a proper fill light.

3. Capture Romance & Intimacy

Photographers are there to capture scenes and moments. They are meant to immortalize emotions and feelings in a photo, and one of their strongest tools in doing that is lighting.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop -  Capture Romance and Intimacy

 A scene can only be as captivating as its lighting. And having a moon lamp on hand can help you create very intriguing lighting conditions that can capture moments of romance and intimacy. It's great for couple shoots and wedding photos as they instantly set the mood.

4. You Can Travel With It

Being able to take quality photos on the go is a valuable asset for any photographer. And the compact and easy to transport design of these lamps will allow you to pack it in a bag and bring it with you wherever you.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop -  Travel With It

 Photographers are agile, always on the go, and often find themselves traveling. So having a prop that you can bring with you to add character to almost any scene would be a great plus.


Stand Out Even More By Customizing Your Moon Lamp!

Another way you can make your prop more unique is by having it customize. You can have it engraved with a message or even an image or picture that you find intriguing.

This personalized moon lamp will give you a prop that you can use that is unique to you that no one else will have. Not only will that make your images stand out, but it will open up even more unique ways to use it in taking photos.


How You Can Use A Moon Lamp In Photography

1. Taking Moon Pictures

A great way to use this lamp is to use it literally. You can hold it up and create the illusion that it is the actual moon.

This makes for a very cute photo and a great way of studying the shape of the lamp and the way it emits and reflects light.


2. Taking Portraits

As mentioned earlier, this prop can be used to light up a subject for portraits. 

Moon Lamp Photography Prop -  Taking Portraits

But it can also be used as an object in the background or foreground of a portrait to create depth and evoke more emotions.


3. Taking Landscape Shots

As a landscape prop, a moon lamp can be used to create a very nice illusion.

Moon Lamp Photography Prop -  Taking Landscape Shots

You can place the "moon" in a bunch of creative places in the landscape shot to give it a unique and almost surreal feeling.


4. Using It In Street Photography

A moon lamp can also be a great tool in street photography.

Moon Lamp Portraits Photography Prop -  In Street Photography

 You can place it on a surface where you're taking photos and you can use it as another point of interest in your shot, which can create very nice narratives and catch the eyes of the viewers.


5. Using It In Beach Photography

This can be especially useful in low-light situations, and as we all know, it gets very dark at the beach when the sun sets.

Having a moon lamp with you can give you an external light source that can also serve as a point of interest, giving you even more photography options when the light goes out. Another thing way you can experiment is by taking long exposure shots with the moon lamp.


6. Wedding Photography

A lot of times, a wedding can be the most important day in a couple's life. That's why they search for photographers who can capture that emotion and importance as well as the love they share.

A moon lamp can be a great way of doing that, and a couple can even have a special one made for them with an engraving that means a lot to them.


7. Baby Photography

Another great use for moon lamps is when taking photos of babies. It's an object that they can be very interested in, which can make for a very cute image!

It will also save you the time and effort it takes to grab a baby's attention during a photo shoot. And above all that, it can also light the subject up really nicely!



So there you have it, a crash course on one of the best props any photographer can have.

It can be a savior when lighting conditions are low, and they are a unique prop that can help your photos stand out amongst the crowd.

So if you've been looking for ways to have more creative, eye-catching, and attractive photos, a moon lamp might just be the ideal option for you!

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